When is Feng Shui appropriate?
You have probably experienced areas of your life that do not respond to your usual efforts. It is often these areas that respond best to Feng Shui. Among situations that can be successfully treated with Feng Shui are:

• selling or finding a home or business
• creating a personal oasis at home or at work
• protection from harmful intent of others
• increasing wealth
• renewing family or staff harmony
• assisting safe travel
• enhancing health
• activating career changes
• promoting the recognition you deserve
• rekindling romance
• liberating creativity
• developing a business style to bring in more customers
• many others

What if I am not Chinese or Buddhist?
Feng Shui is adaptable to any spiritual tradition because, in essence, it is simply creating a physical prayer out of the material environment. Even if you prefer to consider life from a philosophical or scientific viewpoint alone, Feng Shui works. One does not have to "believe in" electricity in order to turn on the lights. With Feng Shui, a resonant vibratory field is created which draws like circumstances to itself. Your heartfelt intent, expressed through the words and gestures of any tradition is combined with the Feng Shui adjustments to form a powerful attracting force, which draws your dreams into reality.

What happens during a consultation?
Feng Shui works by aligning the material realm - your buildings, furniture and furnishings - with the invisible flow of energy called "chi." The Feng Shui Professional works on several levels to adjust the chi flow of your home or business:

first, through time-honored Feng Shui adjustments from the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist tradition as taught by Grand Master Lin Yun;

second, by suggesting decorating and design alterations which can be done at little or no cost;

third, by suggesting business practices, lifestyle shifts or sacred rituals that will bring positive response;

fourth, by treating your emotional and physical space with reverence, thereby adding immediate life-enhancing chi to your environment. All of this happens during a walk through the building in which we talk about what is going on in the space. You are informed of everything your building and furnishings are saying in the language of Feng Shui and given exact guidance on how to create a harmonious and helpful environment.

Is Feng Shui just for my home or will it work on my business?
Yes, Feng Shui can make your business space work as hard as a good employee. Would you pay an employee $1000 a month to just sit there? You may not realize that you are doing the equivalent of that if your business space is not doing the job it can be doing for you.

What can space do?
It can
• attract customers
• show products
• display history
• provide mini-vacations
• gather wealth
• teach
• recognize good deeds
• encourage values
• lead to agreements

• bring out creativity
• soothe tensions
• stimulate well-being
• provide play
• increase status
• unite you with the community
• welcome guests
• be a respite

Every desk and chair is talking to your clients. Make sure you know what they are saying. Feng Shui makes your business speak the environmental language of success.

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