Francine helped us transform a cold, dingy garage into a warm, welcoming office environment. All entering have commented on how comfortable the office is and how cozy it feels. That is quite an accomplishment since we have 20 feet high ceiling and cement floors. We merged two offices into one and all employees are working together well. She provided many great decorating ideas to help our office as a whole and for our employees’ individual spaces.
Rick Garza and Karen Frost - Internews Network

Originally, I hired Francine Tuft Peterson to help me launch my belated writing career. Not only did she succeed at this (I sold my first book the day she came), but she has been instrumental in changing my life in a number of ways. Other editors are now expressing interest in my work, my relationship with my husband has gone from good to great, my children's health has improved, and--most importantly--I have a much stronger belief in myself. I highly recommend Francine Tuft Peterson to anyone who is ready for transformation in some area of their lives. Francine's skill goes way beyond the placement of furniture to create more harmony. She is a master at working with the subtle energy web that shapes our lives and realities. With a nudge and a tweak, Francine can help you make your dreams come true. Good luck!
Ellen D. Davidson - Bayside, CA

I will never work or live in another place without utilizing the art of Feng Shui. And Francine Tuft Peterson will ever by my practitioner. The ability she has goes beyond the information available in books. She skillfully uses the vast array of knowledge gleaned over a lifetime studying the human condition, design, business management, and from over 10 years as a Feng Shui Practitioner. Her skill is without peer, and her discernment of a client’s specific needs is impeccable. I encourage anyone wanting the highest level possible for their business or home to use Francine as their Feng Shui practitioner.
S.G. - Eureka, CA

Drawing from timeless Chinese principles, she offers practical suggestions to create environments of harmony, great beauty and spiritual peace.
Francine is a gift to our community.
N.C. - Eureka, CA

Francine has worked wonders in our small San Francisco apartment. Her dynamic approach to Feng Shui has helped our place feel wonderful. I constantly feel supported when I walk through the door.
M.L. - San Francisco, CA

Over the past several years, Francine T Peterson has been my personal and professional Feng Shui practitioner. Through the process of Feng Shui, my business has improved as I enjoy a comfortable and productive work space and a peaceful and calming home. Everyone can benefit from the Ancient Art of Feng Shui.
Sue Forbes - Forbes & Associates - McKinleyville, CA

My work with Francine T Peterson has been a catalyst for profound change in my life and home. Francine brings to her art an unbeatable blend of caring, common sense, grace, humor, intuition, and intellect that is perfect for sharing the ancient oral tradition of Feng Shui. I recommend her services without hesitation to anyone who is interested in learning to use this elegant philosophy to bring new balance and energy into their lives. Call her and get your chi moving.
Lorell Girard - Bend, OR

Feng Shui and Francine Peterson have been a tremendous help to my business. I have been working with her for over six years now and I have seen my revenues increase, my staff become more confident and cohesive, and my customers have commented on how much more comfortable the place feels.
S.J. - Arcata, CA

Francine used Feng Shui to improve and increase the flow of chi long before the store opened,before the Grand Opening and before our recent expansion. Business is great and it feels so good in here!
Consider the Alternatives - Eureka,CA