What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is more than moving furniture for good luck...

What if you could compel the power which moves the oceans and lights up the sun to enter your living room or office and bring you health, happiness, wealth and good relationships? Over 5000 years ago, the Chinese discovered that you can. They developed an intricate system of methods to put one's personal or business environment in harmony with these great forces and thus benefit daily from the blessings received. Their system is called Feng Shui (pronounced "fung shway").

It includes the placement of one's home or business on the building site, the arrangement of furnishings within the home and office and the purposeful design of interiors and landscapes to enhance chi, the life-giving energy. Taken to it's deepest level, Feng Shui creates external environments to enhance the journey of the soul.

Feng Shui is an environmental medicine creating the frequencies which stimulate well-being. It places the ordinary items of your daily material reality, such as plants, furniture, lighting and color, in positions which create a harmonic resonance with good fortune. Feng Shui gets results!

Rate your present level of satisfaction (very blessed, tolerable, suffering) in the Nine Life Endeavors:
• Career
• Self-Knowledge
• Family
• Wealth
• Recognition
• Marriage
• Children or Creative Output
• Helpful People
• Health

If you find your life lacking in any of these areas, you may benefit from a Feng Shui adjustment. This can be as simple and fun as rearranging your furniture or as big as moving to a new house. The way your house is sited and how your furnishings sit, directly affects every part of your life for good or ill.

Because the life force, called chi, is the bearer of all blessings, we must invite it into our homes and workplaces and give it a smooth course to travel inside. If we make the way for good circulation of chi, our lives will become healthier in every way. We now know scientifically what has always been known spiritually, that everything is connected, and any part of creation affects every other part of the whole. Chi, though invisible to the naked eye, can be recognized by the material results manifest in our homes, bodies and lives.

If you are suffering financially, for example, it could be that the "wealth" corner of your home is piled with unused goods, thus causing obstruction in the flow of chi. Perhaps you have lost a relationship or had trouble making friends. This could be due to an unusual shape of your house, such as a missing "marriage" or "helpful people" section. What can you do if your home and life are not filled with chi blessings? There are hundreds of simple Feng Shui adjustments that are fun, easy and which bring amazing results.

It does not matter if you believe Feng Shui. If done correctly, it can still work for you. Your whole life will take a turn for the better.

What kind of situations can be helped by Feng Shui adjustments?
• troublesome neighbors
• finding a job
• selling a home
• improving a relationship
• earning more money
• leaving a bad situation
• making peace with family
• career advancement
• many others

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