Bringing An Ancient Practice to Life in the Modern World

Beginning Training for those interested in pursuing the Ancient Art of Placement as a career. These beginning workshops will give you the basic understanding of the practice, as well as a deepening appreciation of this ancient oral tradition.

This class gives the student information to begin his or her Feng Shui practice.

Beginning with a 2-day weekend intensive, students will learn appropriate protection techniques, how to evaluate residences and small businesses, how to conduct oneself in an appointment, and practical and creative ways to enhance an environment. In addition, we will be covering the Art of Placement, the Bagua, the Elemental Cycles, Feng Shui secrets and solutions, and beginning interviewing techniques.

Francine will also take students on tours to observe and learn from Feng Shui situations in homes and businesses in the community.

All students will receive the Beginning Practitioner’s Manual

Intermediate Training will provide the opportunity for further exploration in the use of the Bagua, chi readings, BTB meditations to strengthen the intuitive ability of the Feng Shui practitioner, beneficial and creative solutions, learning to work with a difficult client, and the Five-Element Cycle. The practical and philosophical reasons for the use of particular Feng Shui solutions will be discussed.

Additionally, students will have the opportunity to join Francine on appointments with clients, and will be encouraged to take Francine on their more difficult appointments.

All students will receive the Intermediate Practitioner’s Manual

Mentoring program:
Join the number of students who have worked with Francine Tuft Peterson at the Advanced Level. Whatever you plan to do with this information, training can be designed to assist you in further studies in the Practice of Feng Shui consulting.

Practical experience underlies the basis of this training. Even if you have studied with others the Mentoring experience of Francine’s, hands-on training is invaluable. In the Buddhist transition, one-on-one transmission of information is a very powerful method of learning.

This program will include a monthly question and answer session with other practitioners.

Site visits to tour complex Feng Shui buildings will be offered, and students will be invited to join Francine during Feng Shui consultations, and are encouraged to take Francine with them to see their clients.

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