It has been my pleasure to take three classes from Francine Peterson. While in class, one is drawn in to the experience by her engaging delivery and her passion for the subject. Classes with Francine are warm, personal and life changing. She is an excellent teacher because she is a perennial student. I highly recommend her course offerings.
Susan Benzinger - Kneeland, CA

After working with Francine and experiencing the change in energy in my home and my personal life, I am in awe of this deep and powerful spiritual practice. I look forward to even more chi movement and revelations to help me live in tune with the universe and my own personal power.
Catherine B. - Arcata, CA

I especially appreciated the opportunity to take her "Standing in the Space of Personal Power" class. There was incredible depth and richness to the class and it helped ground me in the principles of Feng Shui,. I was able to see how it works in each area of my life, and to gather tools I needed to help me put appropriate Feng Shui in each gua in my home. I can't wait for the Elements class!
B.B. – Arcata, CA